Welcome to Sutton’s Custom, where outstanding craftsmanship is made to last.

Whether you are looking for that perfect sign to put on the front of your business or to hang at the entry gate of your ranch, Sutton’s Custom has got you all covered. Find outstanding craftsmanship of metal art as home décor, farm and ranch signs, made of the best and high quality metal that is sure to last a lifetime.

Get ready to revamp and personalize your living and work space with custom metal art!

Craftsmanship at its finest

Sutton’s Custom is your home for all metal works, from home décor to farm & ranch signs.  We take pride in making unique pieces with intricate designs and detailing you have never seen before. We strive to always bring something new to take home with you whether it is a metal wall art, labels, metal frames or signage.

As much as we value intricate designs and quality metal arts, we strive to make these last a lifetime. Something you and the next generations can keep as a memoir. We do this by making sure that every piece is made of the highest quality metal crafted by the best hands.

Craftsmanship at its finest, this is the Sutton’s Custom promise – a quality metal honed by the best metal artist, experienced and skilled to bring ideas to life.

It’s the best, It’s handmade

Find beauty beyond metals. Crafting a piece of metal requires hard work, time and dedication. At Sutton’s Custom, we’ve worked hard to master the skill and do whatever it takes to bring out the beauty from a piece of metal.

Our metal arts are sure masterpieces handcrafted by love, passion and perseverance, carefully designed with you in mind. With our wide array of designs available for home decor, farm and ranch sign, you are sure to find a piece that will surely fit your lifestyle and hit home.

 Outstanding craftsmanship at an affordable price

Quality, durability in a masterpiece should not be expensive, at least not with Sutton’s Custom.

At Sutton’s Custom, you get to find the perfect sign to put on the front of your business or to hang at the entry gate of your ranch and revamp your home décor without breaking your bank. We promise to make quality, creative and excellent craftsmanship available for everyone to enjoy and collect.  So, grab your favorites from our collection of home decor, farm and ranch signs today!